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The Magic of Magaliesburg



Creativity flourishes in the countryside and Magaliesburg has its share of artists and craftspeople tucked away in the hills and valleys that are part of this beautiful region. Two such studios are not far from the town centre just off the road to Koster.


Clarens scene by Angela Eidelman


The Angela Eidelman Art Gallery is a feast of colour and beautiful things to delight the eye.   Angela is a well-known artist who has participated in many solo and group exhibitions around South Africa. Her paintings hang in many public and private collections here and overseas.   A Fellow of the Watercolour Society of South Africa, Angela teaches painting and is often invited to conduct workshops around the country.  She works in oil, acrylic and watercolor and her landscapes of South Africa’s scenic places, like Clarens and the Golden Gate region seen here, invite you to explore the country.  Her township scenes are very popular with overseas visitors to her gallery and her bright, colourful abstracts have great appeal. There is a wonderful collection of paintings – framed and unframed, scenic and abstract – to choose from and it is well worth taking time to view them all.


Glass bowl with beadwork insert by Sarah-Leigh Booysen and Samantha Henry, and (below) beaded pendants by Samantha.


Angela’s talented daughters, Sarah-Leigh Booysen and Samantha Henry exhibit their beautiful creations at her gallery in Magaliesburg, Sarah-Leigh creates exquisite works of art in glass and Samantha makes jewellery with a skill that sparkles using a wonderful array of beads and  crystals.   Sometimes they combine their talents – you’ll find unusual glass bowls with beaded insets.  

Don’t miss a visit to the Angela Eidelman Gallery when next in Magaliesburg.  Contact Angela on 014 5771534 or fax 014 5771633, e-mail
  Further along the Koster road, 10km from Magaliesburg, you’ll find a TOPS sign that will lead you 3km along the R500 then a left turn to Toni Meyer’s Tops spinning and weaving establishment.     The name comes from the washed and combed wool, or ‘tops’, that is the starting point for all weaving, knitting, crochet and felting projects.   
Lucy spinning wool at Tops

Maria, a skilled weaver, busy at her loom at Tops


Stocked with an impressive array of equipment and a vast collection of wools and yarns, Tops produces a wide range of items, from chunky floor rugs to expertly woven bags, colourful textured waistcoats and many different décor items. You will find many to choose from in the shop on the premises, along with ‘starter kits’ for people interested in learning the craft.

Toni is one of those people who is always busy on a project and will often greet visitors with knitting needles clicking busily in her hands.   Apart from her own creations and overseeing her skilled team workers, she gives lessons and will arrange classes in convenient places for people living in other areas.   As a member of the Johannesburg and Pretoria Spinning and Weavers Guilds her work is exhibited on many shows in the region and further afield.  Contact Toni to find out where you can see them.

Many groups visit Tops for educational tours of the weaving process. As a former teacher Toni is happy to impart her knowledge and has a fascinating display of all aspects of the craft to show visitors.   She believes that in a world of mass-production and run-of-the-mill products,   hand woven textiles are sought out and prized by discerning buyers, who appreciate the skill and care that goes into a genuine handmade item.  Tops has been established with the aim of providing skills training and opportunities for people living in the community to create and market their work.


Beautifully textured, hand-woven cushions

Finely woven handbags
Yarns ready for weaving
  For directions and further information contact Toni on 014 5772391 or 082 6836863
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