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Ice cream La Veneziana - a family produced ice -cream for over a period of 114 years.

Constance and Miguel Belfi - Great-Great Grandchildren of Giovanni Belfi have brought their Ancestors Family ice-cream creations to South Africa.

Although technology and equipment have modified over the years - Constance and Miguel use their Ancestor Giovanni Belfi's Original Traditional Recipes and his form of production which has remained proven over a Century plus - since 1882.

La Veneziana uses only the finest ingredients coupled with a background of a Century experience passed on to future generations of the Family.

Please scan our product list covering over 85 different flavours and the various individual portioned Ice-Cream Desserts.

Full cream Premium Ice-Cream Gelato Don Miguel
Pure Fruit Sorbet Sorbet with Liqueur
Yoghurts with Seasonal Fruit Cassata
Hazelnut Gateau Yoghurt Cake
Tartufo La Veneziana Tartufo San Carlone
Sapori / Italian Kisses Pre Scooped Ice-Cream
Berries of the Forest Gateau Waldorf Mini Gateau
Pistachio/Hazelnut Gateau Pina Colada Gateau
Schwarzwalder/Black Forest Gateau Strawberry Cheescake
Tirami Su Ice Cream Cake Special moulded Ice-Cream
Pallone Strawberry and Vanilla Cake
Black Cherry Dream Chocolate and Pistachio Cake
Wedding Ice Cream Cakes Birthday Ice Cream Cakes

We supply to hotels, restaurants and catering outlets

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