The Flora
of the Magaliesberg

With its variety of habitats, the Magaliesberg provides the ideal setting for over 130 species of trees and a magnificent collection of flowers, ferns, grasses and fungi

"Turk's Cap" Aloe peglerae,
restricted to the Magaliesberg and adjacent mountains”

On the south facing slopes where the region is driest most of the vegetation is concentrated in the valleys at the base of the cliffs. Many streams are evident after fierce summer storms. Here you will find the wild olive and false olive trees, the creamy white wild gardenia with its large trumpet flowers that blooms each January, wild raisin, white stinkwood and many other species.

At the crest are the giant mountain aloes which colour the hillsides in winter with brightly coloured spurs of orange flowers. Among the trees on the northern slopes are the bush willows with their winged pods and lower down the slopes you can find Marula trees and the sweet rich fruits prized by humans and animals alike. Wild figs are common with their huge spreading branches providing deep shade.

In summer the bright orange Natal Gladiolus blooms across the veld along with wild scabious that lures hundreds of butterflies with its pretty flower heads. The popular pineapple lily can be found sheltering among the rocks. Tall red hot pokers, delicate mauve harebells, tree ferns and wild herbs flourish in the region. A wealth of information about the plants of Magaliesburg and their uses in medicine can be found in Vincent Carruthers’ masterful book on the region.