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General Information & Application (2003 / 4)


What is the Magalies Meander?


Expansion of tourism in the Magaliesburg area created a need for the formation of an association which, amongst other things, would streamline joint marketing of the area and the activities and events within. Research conducted on other established Tourism associations (such as the Midlands Meander and the Crocodile Ramble) had proved to be worthwhile to their respective membership and customer bases. The close proximity to Johannesburg and Pretoria (within an hour's easy drive), this area has developed into a popular getaway destination for the thousands of city dwellers, both day visitors and stay-over guests.

In 1998, the "Magalies Meander" was established. A Non-Profit Organisation, which aimed to provide a common platform for joint promotion, marketing and protection of the Greater Magaliesburg area as a Tourism Destination. Primarily, it's membership base consists of businesses which are directly or indirectly associated with Tourism.

The Magalies Meander area has since established as a formal Tourism Area with the Governing Tourism Authorities and as such, has it's allocated tourist routes and boundaries well sign posted. This was the first area in SA to be demarcated with the new Tourist Route signage.

Clearly, the formation of the Magalies Meander, has provided its members with a number of benefits, which are detailed further on in this brochure, and we have no doubt that any business which derives revenue from increased tourism and traffic through the area, will benefit from membership with the Meander.


The Mechanism of the Association:

The association has a formal constitution and members elect a committee at an AGM. The committee (of approximately 10 people) then elects it's Chairperson and members responsible for the various portfolios (eg Marketing, Finance, Secretary etc), who then set about the work required to meet the mission and goals of the Association. Furthermore, during the year, a number of Member meetings are held, to promote inter-member communication and provide feedback as to the general direction and progress of the various projects undertaken by the Committee.

A further benefit for its members, is the representation at Local and National Government / Tourism Forums , to ensure exposure other general tourism related functions are promoted for the area.

As the association is a Non-Profit organisation, it's members annual fees, along with sponsorship revenues, are used to finance the projects undertaken.

Achievements of the Magalies Meander to date?

  • Our area has been formally designated a tourism area by national government and we enjoy the protection that an official tourism area receives accordingly.
  • A Brochure and Map of the area and location of all of its members, for distribution to visitors and potential visitors to the area.
  • Over half a million brochures / maps printed and distributed throughout the country (mainly Gauteng which accounts for the major portion of visitors to the area), between inception in '98 until now (Feb 2003).
  • TV, Radio and Print media coverage of the area and specific events held in the area. Articles have been written in numerous tourism and general magazines & publications.
  • Improved synergy of Tourism venues in the area has been achieved. Threats to the tourism industry in the area have been tackled successfully by the Association and environmental matters are handled professionally.
  • The formation of the "magaliesmeander" web site, which lists all members in a user friendly site, providing the potential visitor with all the information, maps and other details required to reserve and prepare for his / her visit to our area. Furthermore, the members details are also listed on the "magaliesburg" web site, free of charge, which enjoys visits in excess of 1800 per month and growing.
  • Job creation - in that, in excess of 400 employees are employed by the tourism industry in the MM area.

The Future of the Magalies Meander :

The Magalies Meander will continue to meet the aims and mission of its members and constitution, with a continual drive to increase its membership base and revenues accordingly. Alongside expansion of revenues, comes improved benefits to the associations members and as such, we will continue to be involved in Marketing, Events Management and liaison with Local and National authorities.


Membership Cost Structure :

Building on from the past structures, the following Membership Fee Structure, has been agreed to by the 2002/3 committee, for the financial year of 2003/4.


Hospitality & Accommodation :    
1 to 5 units : R 1 500 R 990
6 to 10 units : R 2 000 R 990
11 + units : R 2 500 R 990
All Other Business : R 1 000 R 990


Benefits received as a member :

  1. Listing on the annual Brochure and Map, plus access to advertise on the perimeter of the map.
  2. Automatic listing under the specific category of the Magaliesburg Web Site : www., as well as
  3. You will receive a regular newsletter from the Chairperson of the Meander.
  4. You will be invited to attend all functions and meetings.
  5. You will have the combined support of the full membership base and the committee, in matters concerning the growth and protection of tourism to the area and your business.

    To find out more about the Magalies Meander and how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairperson or any committee member. We have included an enrollment form below, which will need to be completed in full and submitted accordingly, before the committee can consider your application.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to being of service.


P.O. BOX 374
TEL: 014 577 1846 FAX: 014 577 1732



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