South Africa has some excellent hang gliding and paragliding sites suitable for beginner and experienced pilots. Since the late eighties, paragliding in South Africa has seen a tremendous growth in facilities and adventure travellers. Presently the South African paragliding & hang gliding industry boasts more than 900 registered pilots and a staggering 1200 flying sites!

Paragliding is normally considered to be an “extreme” sport as it has a degree of danger appended to it. Most people experience vertigo and could never imagine themselves dangling alone thousands of feet in the air under a “parachute”.

For adventure travellers who wish to fly once-off and don’t want to learn to paraglide on their own, tandem paragliding is the solution — with an over-sized specially designed tandem glider and two harnesses, a paragliding experience is now available for all who wish to explore the skies and soar the mountain tops.

paragliding Magaliesburg

There is even reasonable flying about 80km from Johannesburg, in the Magaliesberg Mountains near the Hartbeespoort Dam — here you will need to fly below the controlled air space of a number of medium-sized airfields and Johannesburg.