Zuickerbosch Heritage Estate
in Magaliesburg.
Are you a disgruntled investor?

Have you signed an agreement or paid your deposit to own property at Zuickerbosch Heritage Estate in Magaliesburg and become disillusioned at the whole development.

Property investors have paid their deposits, many over two years ago and now, and the whole development has come to a grinding halt before it even got started.  After many indications and promises of getting underway, the developers have not turned a sod of soil.  They certainly have enjoyed earning interest from the hundreds of thousands of rands deposits paid by investors, yet nothing has happened.  In two years we have received one simple update, which in effect said nothing more than the original communication.

Time has moved on, the world is a different place and many initial investors are tired of waiting.  A number of investors have indicated their desire to withdraw from the development and cancel their respective agreements, yet the developers hang on and keep us waiting with no contact, updates etc.

If you have enquired or requested your agreement to be cancelled and your deposit refunded, whether successful or not,  please click here and let us have your comments.